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How to Get SSS ID?

How to Get SSS ID

Acting as an insurance company for Filipino employees, the Social Security System boasts a membership comprising the majority of people in the Philippines. To unlock the array of benefits offered by this scheme, one must obtain a special ID. For those without an ID, it is essential to familiarize themselves with all the SSS ID requirements before proceeding with the application.

With its extensive and far-reaching range, your SSS ID number becomes the gateway to a plethora of benefits. These benefits encompass maternity, retirement, sickness, and disability, along with the additional inclusion of death and funeral grants, providing utmost support to its esteemed members. It’s no wonder that this insurance scheme comes highly recommended for everyone, regardless of employment status.

To obtain an SSS ID, you must gather the necessary documents before initiating the application process. These documents encompass:

  • At least one monthly contribution to the scheme.
  • An accurately filled E-6 form.
  • A primary ID.

Prepare these essential requirements to secure your SSS ID with ease and efficiency.

Accepted primary IDs for your application include your passport, Seaman’s book, and a professional regulation commission ID. Should you lack any of these primary IDs, worry not! Instead, you can present any two secondary IDs from the list below, along with a recent photo:

– Voters ID
– Driver’s license
– Postal ID
– School ID for students
– Company ID for employees
– Senior citizen ID
– Taxpayer identification number (TIN) ID
– Passbook of savings account

Choose any two from this collection of secondary IDs to complete your application process smoothly.

Obtaining your SSS ID for the first time – here’s how!

To obtain your digitized SSS ID for the first time, many Philippine nationals still prefer visiting Social Security System offices rather than using the online registration system. If you’re among those who opt for the in-person approach, follow these steps:

1. Obtain and complete a personal record form (E-1 form) from official SSS resources, ensuring you meet all the requirements.

2. Head to a Social Security System office and submit the filled E-1 form, along with photocopies and certified copies of either a primary ID or two secondary IDs.

3. Obtain an ID clearance, which serves as proof that you’re in the process of having your ID photo taken.

Discover the process of obtaining your SSS ID online!

Is it possible to apply for SSS ID online? Absolutely! The process for securing this identification document online is straightforward and involves the following steps:

1. Go to the official SSS website and navigate to the registration tab.
2. Accurately fill in the required details on the online form and submit it.
3. After completing the form, an email containing a link will be sent to you. Click on the link to access the next form and provide all the necessary information.
4. Once done, click the “Generate SS Number” button to view your SS number. You will also receive a personal record form, a confirmation statement, and a number slip in your email.
5. Check your email for the account activation link and the list of required supporting documents for your SSS number.
6. Print the documents received via email.
7. Take the printed documents and visit your chosen Social Security System branch, along with a primary ID, to obtain your SSS card.

Steps for replacing a lost SSS ID

To replace your lost card, ensure you have the following on hand:

1. Filled E-6 form
2. Affidavit of loss
3. Either a valid primary ID or two secondary IDs
4. Filled R-6 form
5. 300 PHP cash fee

To initiate the ID replacement process, adhere to these guidelines:

1. Download the E-6 form, duly fill it, and print a copy.
2. Head to a Social Security System branch and present your documents at the designated counter. Upon receiving the R-6 form (in four copies) at this counter, proceed to the payments desk for processing.
3. Return to the previous counter and present the R-6 form once payment is completed.
4. Proceed to the ID capture room to have your picture, fingerprints, and signature taken.
5. Before leaving, ensure you receive an acknowledgement slip specifying the estimated delivery date of your new ID at your preferred address.

Obtaining my SSS online registration user ID and password – what’s the process?

If you’ve forgotten your user ID or password, you have options for retrieval: either through your email or by answering a security question you filled out during registration.

For those who aren’t members yet, registering an account is a breeze. Simply visit the SSS online registration page. However, keep in mind that online registration requires having an SSS number and at least one posted SSS contribution.

Once you’ve completed the registration process, a host of online services becomes accessible. These services include checking and updating your SSS membership information, verifying your SSS contributions, generating your payment reference number, and much more.

How can I obtain the SSS UMID ID?

The application process for the SSS UMID ID is carried out at your selected Social Security System branch, and once ready, it will be mailed to your home address. It is crucial to ensure the correct and accurate representation of your address. Additionally, if you wish to have a preview of how your ID will look, you can request an SSS ID sample at the branch.

What is the cost of the SSS ID?

The cost of the SSS ID is nil, provided you have met the requirement of a one-month premium contribution. There is no need for any payment for the SSS ID.

In SSS, what user ID is recommended or preferred?

Your identification within the Social Security System network is determined by this username. Registering this information on the SSS website is mandatory for all members. The preferred user ID within the network should be between eight and 20 characters in length, starting with an alphabetic character, and it should not contain any special characters except for an underscore.

What does “employer ID” refer to in SSS?

Employer ID serves as a means of identification for companies that submit their employees’ contributions to the Social Security System or conduct any other SSS transactions.

The process of obtaining a Social Security System identification card is simple. If you haven’t applied for one yet and possess all the necessary SSS ID requirements, now is the perfect opportunity to do so.

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